Our History

We are a small, family-owned business located at The Arts Center on the Hudson at the heart of Saratoga County in Mechanicville, New York.


We invite you to visit our building, celebrate its history, and make it part of your future.   Celebrate your special day with us.


St. Luke’s Episcopal Church was built in Mechanicville in 1898.

When the McMillan’s first saw the building, it was in a state of disrepair.  The roof was failing, causing water and mold problems, floors were in disarray, and stones on the north side were falling from high up the tower.  A report was produced saying the building was unsafe and possibly irreparable, the building was judged to be in dynamic failure.


Jaimen McMillan and his wife Dorothea purchased the church in August of 2007, inspired by the vision of what this building could become. They saw the building to be architecturally very unique,  a work of art that had to be saved.


It took a strong vision, persistence and determination, a team of family, friends, and students of McMillan’s Spacial Dynamics Institute whose international training center is housed in the gym of the neighboring former elementary school.


McMillan said “To be able to work on something that majestic and return it to its former glory brought the best out in all of us, and there was camaraderie in saving something that would otherwise have been lost and could never have been brought back.”


1914 Postcard of the building

1914 Postcard of the building